Tracy and the GoodLife bring forward their own brand of country/roots. The music on the whole is quite relaxed created a nice chilled out vibe the whole way through complete with a vivid country imagery making you feel like you are cruising along through the countryside.

‘The Valley’ is a soft and laid back country roots tune sounding somewhere between Michelle Shocked and Deborah Conway. There is a nice rural atmosphere achieved through the soft yet expressive rootsy guitars. ‘Middle of the night’ is a rolling and energetic country tune. There is a great laid back energy to the song that gets you tapping away in a relaxed kind of way. This is further enhanced by Tracy’s passionate and gravely vocals which gives the song the extra country feeling.

‘Paradise’ is a great (country) rocking tune with a touch of Fleetwood Mac working its way into the sound. The music has a very strong sound full of raw passions and emotion while at the same time bringing out some colourful regional imagery. ‘Little relief’ is a slow burning rock ballad.

The music roars along with some solid twangy guitars bringing out a great garage-rock energy. The title track works as the tear jerking tune on the album. Moving along in a slow melancholic fashion it brings out moving emotion topped off with a dark grungey guitar solo. ‘White rose’ picks up the pace, racing along it works as the album’s most lively and upbeat tune. The album closes with the lively rocking sounds of ‘Finer side’.

This is a great rocking country/roots album that roars along with great energy and emotion while also providing some great chilled out vibes. Above all there is a great vivid atmosphere achieved across the record making it feel like an epic journey!

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