After putting out several albums with his band Wagons, Henry Wagons has gone it along with this his debut solo album.

The album is a cross between Nick Cave and Johnny Cash. There are many dark and confronting themes explored across the album covering bar-brawls, drunkenness, and the remorseful morning after hangover. This is all displayed with brilliantly vivid imagery created both through the rough and dusty country sounds and Henry’s creative and sharp tongued lyrics.

The album opens with the remorseful “morning after” themes ‘Cold burger, cold fries’. There is a strong country western vibe throughout the song, complete with a deep twangy vocal delivery.

‘King hit’ takes things to an even darker place. The dark and unnerving sounds paints a vivid atmosphere of grit and grime, making you feel like you are wondering around a dark and dirty bar at the wrong side of town. This is further emphasized by Henry’s sharp and colorful narrative. ‘Santa Fe’ is a curious departure, taking on a chilled out yet upbeat dance vibe. The music races by with a sweet endearing vibe, backed up by a thick ambient backdrop.

‘Hand or heart’ is a richly colourful folk tune that takes you right into the country surrounds complete with a sweet love story.


‘Tomboy’ is a fast and energetic country tune filled with clever and witty lyrics backed with a smooth harmonica. ‘Cowboy in Krakow’ is a cool country sing-a-long with a chilling dark background. ‘Only sane motherf*****’ (that’s how it’s written on the CD, I’m censoring nothing) is a lively rocking tune. Thrashing about with great aggro this works as the album’s great big rock anthem! The album closes with Henry’s own “still call Australia home” anthem in the form of the slow and slightly homesick sounds of ‘Melbourne’.

Henry Wagons has continued his charge with his very own irreverent brand of country rock!

Check out Henry Wagon’s website to find out more!