This is the debut offering from Melbourne’s roots and reggae act  Centre & The South. The band put their own stamp on the reggae sound, putting out a cool and endearing sound that will draw you in and keep you going. There is a good balance between happy and chilled out feel good tunes and darker and confronting offerings, keeping things interesting the whole way through.

The album opens with the smooth and groovy title track. The music moves along in a slow but endearing fashion with the various elements flowing along seamlessly to create a great chilled out yet vibrant atmosphere.

‘Take it as it comes’ is a light and upbeat offering. The colorful mix of sounds makes for a pleasant feel good anthem. ‘Is there more’ is a darker and more thought provoking tune, reminiscent of the Specials’ darker moments. There is a much more edgy vibe here with the bleak themes explored creating a chilling and deep atmosphere.

‘Ride this storm’ is a groovy ska/reggae tune. The music finds the perfect equilibrium between being energetic and chilled out. As a result the song has a certain relaxing vibe to it while also making you want to dance along!  ‘Riot’ starts off in a calm manner, gradually building up towards a more passionate chant of “riot! riot” and closing out with a great energetic guitar solo! ‘Sweet spirit’ is a cool and dreamy duet with Lisa Edward’s lovely vocals further adding to the feeling of the tune.

The album closes with its most lively and loud track, ‘Zion dream’. The energetic saxophones paired with the strong confronting lyrics gives the song a heap of life and ensures the album ends with a bang!

This is a very endearing album full of tracks that are both energetic and chilled out creating a massive feel good vibe from start to finish!

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