We are getting closer and closer to finding out what the number one song of all time is according to the people to make songs. None of the following ten are it, but they all would have been worthy winners.


30 Lamb of God – Overlord

29 Alcest – Sur L’Océan Couleur De Fer

28 Sigur Ros – Svefn G Englar

27 Radiohead- jigsaw falling into place.


It contains everything I love about music. An undeniable groove, melodic bass, amazing melodies, sincere vocals, & killer riffs. I love the way that the song builds the whole way through. It’s also my most played song on iTunes 🙂

Haydn Mansell from Our Man in Berlin


26 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Next

25 Radiohead – Let Down

24 Sonic Youth – Kool Thing

23 The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

22 Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

21 The Cure – The Lovecats