Ocdantar is the new project from Rat & Co’s lead singer Josh Delaney. This is the debut EP from the project. Showing off 7 spacey, ambient, and dreamy tunes this works as an amazing chilled out journey!

‘Agoj’ begins the EP with an electronic voice over that flows into a chilled out dance offering that contrasts confronting scrambled voices with a smooth ambient vibe, creating a rather intriguing journey that feels like an exploration to the outer parts of space. ‘Techno 15’ is a relaxed new age offering. The slow beats and pacman-esq tunes create a very laid back and dreamy feel that allows you to drift off to somewhere far away. ‘Sky sea client view’ takes things to an even more relaxed place. The various textures float about nicely with the soft and beathy vocals from Liahona further adding to the completely chilled out vibe.

‘El Capitsan’ is a soft and slift piece of ambience that flows into ‘Sad Child’. The main single on the EP, ‘Sad child’ brings forth a curious sound that is calm yet distant proving an atmospheric experience that is thought provoking and moving. ‘Nao’ is a soft electronic tune that is extremely soothing working as a kind of sweet lullaby. In complete contrast to the previous tracks, the closing piece, ‘0102’ is a chilling and confronting piece with dark and unnerving sounds creating a chilling spooky atmosphere.

This is a brilliant EP full of interesting sounds that provide a great relaxed vibe and chilled out atmosphere. This is the sort of music so lie back to and just let it take you where ever it chooses to.

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