Melbourne composer and chanteuse Tanzer is just about to release her debut EP. On offer are four tracks full of dense atmosphere, thumping soundscapes, and colourful pop tunes!

‘Johnny’ is an upbeat 60s style pop song. There is a certain “time capsule” feel to the music, with the echoing vocals and subtly psychedelic backdrop giving the song a warm and endearing vibe that would fit nicely in the soundtrack of a film from the 60s.

‘My divine only’ is a more energetic offering, with a dark and eerie background giving the song a dark but beautiful atmosphere that is enhanced by the passionate and charasmatic vocals. ‘Sleep’ is a slow spacey song that curiously sounds like Pink Floyd crossed with Shirley Bassey.

The music moves along in a slow ambient fashions complemented by Tanzer’s soft and relaxed voice. ‘That’s why darling’ ends the EP with a big twist. Instead of the soulful and relaxed sounds, Tanzer takes on a dance/electronic feel, reminicent of Bjork’s more electronic moments. The song blasts along with a ball of energy that finished the EP up with a great spark.

This is very nice collection of soulful love songs that will transport you somewhere that is far away.

Check out Tanzer’s facebook page to find out more!