Maryan (Marianne Ottersen) is a Norwegian twenty-something whose joy is to write and perform songs about the last guy who broke her heart, but perhaps mostly about life’s cheerful times and spread joy to the people in the audience. Maryan, along with a stack of other merging artists, will be taking to the stage of Liverpool’s Paul McCartney Auditorium to take part in The 2ubeXtra, Liverpool’s first and only online music festival. Tomatrax caught up with Maryan to ask a few questions.

What inspired you to become a musician?
Since I was little I’ve been singing in choirs, and always loved it. When I got older I also started doing musical theatre, but singing has always been my strongest out of the three. I guess I just kept doing my hobby until I understand that I can actually do it as a profession, which I was rather pleased to find out.

When did you write your first song?
I wrote my first complete song just 3 years ago, when I was preparing for my audition to LIPA. I knew that if I did an original song that would be a plus, so I went for it. However, there’s been a lot of songs after that first song, and luckily out of my own initiative to write and not just because I think I have to.

Where did the name Maryan come from?
I’m from Norway and my name is actually Marianne Ottersen. However, since I came to Liverpool I felt like I needed to “Englishify” my name a bit, also to make it shorter so it’s easier to remember.

Your last few songs have been about the last guy who broke your heart, does he know about the songs?
Hmmm, most of my songs really are about a guy that broke my heart funnily enough. Luckily, they’re not all about the same guy, as that would quite of a heart break. But no I guess they don’t know, I’m not sure, I’m not going to tell them anyways. I must say though, my life is not just heart breaks, I just enjoy getting some angry feelings out in my songs, as I’m usually a pretty happy person! 🙂

You’ll be playing as part of the 2ube Xtra festival, what can fans expect from your show?
I have a lot of treats planned for the 2ube Xtra! I can reveal that there will be dancers and a horn section, which means that we will be at most 14 people on stage. The rest, well you just have to come and see for yourself…

Are there any artists you’ll be wanting to see at the festival?
There’s so many I’m really excited to see! But I do think SPXKEN is amazing, so looking forward to that! And Feel Good Gang always makes a really good show, and then there’s I See Rivers with their lovely harmonies.. Ahh, there’s too many!

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Haha! Never though about that, but no not really. I have so many rehearsals and gigs that I think that is enough probably. I do sometimes have my songs stuck in my head though, if I’m allowed to say that?

What music do you listen to?
There’s so much! Always been a really big fan of Stevie Wonder and Justin Timberlake. But then theres Beyoncé, Jessie J, Bruno Mars, Adele. Anything poppy with some RnB, funk, soul or gospel, and I’m sold!

Check out Maryan’s Facebook page to find out more!

Maryan will be playing at the 2ubeXtra festival, check out the Facebook page to find out more!