This is album number two from Toronto’s Animalia. The music is quite reminiscent of Bjork, both in terms of Animalia’s slightly off beat voice and the experimental sounds that are explored. There is great feeling throughout the songs which is matched by a beautiful and vivid atmosphere that takes you somewhere far away!

‘Little Earth’ is a cathy trip-hop tune. The electronic tunes bounce around playfully creating a bright and energetic vibe. Animalia’s vocals move around to match the music creating a unique and endearing vocal delivery.

‘Against nature’ brings forth a an earthy atmosphere that feels like you are wondering off into a dark forest. The breathy vocals further add to the dark and chilling vibe.
‘Paradise’ is a sombre but beautiful minimalist piece. Backed only by a simple piano for much of the song Animalia’s passionate voice is able to shine through with breathtaking emotion!

‘Face on’ has a chilled out new age vibe flowing through it. The calm background provides the perfect base for Animalia to launch her passionate voice.

‘Fever dream’ takes on a dark trip-off feel reminiscent of Massive Attack or Portishead. The sharp vocal delivery adds to the punchy, aggressive feeling exerted. The album closes with the haunting ‘Hunting’. This sees the music reach its chilling peak. The dark bleak music paired with the agonising vocals sets the album up for a very beautiful onclusion.

This is a beautiful collection of songs that are full of emotion, vivid atmosphere, and powerful and heartfelt vocals.


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