This is the debut release from Turkey’s three piece Reptilians From Andromeda. The band mix elements of no-wave and post punk to create an amazing sound that is full of intensity and energy while also having an all encapsulating atmosphere. The result is something quite out there.

‘Psychic Girl’ blasts out with a great mix of post punk and no wave sounding somewhere between Sonic Youth and Joy Division. The music strolls along with a great eerie bleakness while also bringing out a hazy atmosphere.

‘Jungle’ is a racing and raw tune. The song blasts along great intensity and a thick dusty atmosphere!
‘We are who we are’ is an intense and aggressive barrage of rock, reminiscent of the Cure’s heavier moments. The chaotic vibe paired with the passionate chanting vocals creates a massive energetic atmosphere.

‘Wicky wacky witches’ has a certain poppy fell with a strange offbeat quirk. The bright and catchy tunes paired with a dark background makes for an intriguing and strangely endearing experience.
‘Like to the river to the sea’ closes the EP out in great rocking style sounding like a grungier version of the Breeders.

This is an action packed EP with each track providing a barrage of intense rocking energy. On top of this the band have thrown caution to the wind with all manner of experimentation going on, all pulled off with colourful flair! Want to hear some eerie and energetic post punk rock? Listen to this!

Check out Reptilians From Andromeda’s bandcamp page to find out more!