This is the latest album from Greek goth rockers New Zero God. It sees the band take things to even darker levels than before! There is a Nick Cave/Birthday Party feel to the music here with dark menacing soundscapes paired with charismatic baritone vocals! This is one of those albums where the front cover perfectly matches the music. The dark and spooky black and white picture perfectly characterises the vivid soundscapes and vibes that are to be experienced, if you dare!

‘King pest the first’ sets the scene with a dark and dirty atmosphere take drags you though a spooky back sheet. There is a great energy has the music blasts along in a heavy and bleak fashion. ‘Deadly dollhouse’ is a confronting and unnerving experience. The soft and simple industrial background supports the breathy menacing “spoken work” vocals that paint a vivid and horrific picture! ‘Garden of mazes’ is a slow but heavy goth rock song. The music moves along gradually creating a thick ghostly atmosphere along the way.

‘Cloud of dreams’ continues in the slow and menacing vibe, reminiscent of Joy Division the slow and heavy growls create a bleak industrial soundscape. ‘Shut up’ provides an unconventional break from the bleak journey in the form of a racing rock tune that speeds by with great gusto! ‘My Reaper’ is an energetic yet spooky song. There is an almost lounge feel to the song with subtle psychedelic elements in the background. ‘She’s electrified’ has an almost upbeat vibe. Sounding like the Cure’s Japanese Whispers and Pornography styles melded together it manages to sound poppy and bleak all at once creating an amazing experience! The album closes with the minute long industrial instrumental ‘Ouroboros’.

This is an amazing album full of atmosphere, passion and feeling as the music drags you off to somewhere dark and bleak!

Check out New Zero God’s bandcamp page to find out more!