They Might Be Giants have been very busy lately, reinstating their dial-a-song service leading to the release of three albums in less than a year. Following on from the brightness of Glean, and the children’s album Why?, this, the third album in the trilogy sees the band take on some darker themes including paranoia, torture, and generally descending into madness. This is all delivered in the classic ironic They Might Be Giant way with bright sounds and cheerful sing-a-long choruses.

The opening tune ‘Apophenia’ shows They Might Giants show their brilliant sharp witted charm wrapped up in a groovy and poppy sing-a-long about someone losing their mind, told from the first person.

‘I love you for psycholigical reasons’ continues the trend with deep dark lyrics slickly wrapped in a bright and warming pop exterior.

‘Daylight’ is a dreamy and fuzzy tune that sees the music slowly drift through like the sinlight through the window first thing in the morning. There is a certain subtle sinister aspect to the tune that gives it an interesting edge.

‘Sold my mind to the Kremlin’ is an off-beat eletronic-dance tune that sees the Johns sing in a deadpan montotone style bringing out the sold out mind feel.

‘Got getting up so down’ works out the anthem of anyone that needs to get up for work before they’ve truly woken up!

‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ is an exceptional cover of Destiny’s Child’s hit. Taking on a full on rock sound packed with energy and aggression they well and truly put their own stamp on the song while having a heap of fun in the process!

The album closes with the country / western sing-a-long ‘I wasn’t listening’ working as a kind of theme tune to the dial-a-song service that sees the band poking fun at themselves the whole way!

They Might Be Giants have continued their charge in producing throught provoking yet playful indie pop music. This albums sees the band put out a collection of wierd and wonderful tunes with their undeniable quirky charm. This is album number 19 and the band show no signs of slowing down or running out of ideas!

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