Plastic Animals are a 5 piece from Edinburgh who apparently describe their music as atmospheric sludge rock. This is the bands debut album and it shows off the bands ability to create colourful atmospheric sounds that will take you far far away!

The music captures some of the best bits of English music over the past few decades with the dark edgy feel of the Doves, the shoegazy energy of Ride, the hypnotic atmosphere of The Cure, and the catchy sounds of Blur. The different elements meld together quite beautifully to create something that sounds like many things at once and also creates a vivid atmosphere.

‘Ghosts’ has the perfect balance of catchy Brit-pop style tunes and a darker background, reminiscent of the Doves. The music slowly but surely lulls you in to the hypnotic atmosphere. ‘Colophone’ begins with a trippy psychedelic jam. The guitars gradually build in sound and speed and take off on a fast and furious ride before you know it.
‘Sigh-fi’ is a quiet, more subdued offering, making you feel like you are drafting off through space. The gentle yet energetic guitars create a great hazy atmosphere that takes you far away!

‘Portal’ is a chilled out offering that floats along with some spacey distorting guitars drifting in to create an extra layer of sound. ‘Demmin’ is a much more active affair, with the spacey sounds racing by creating a thick but energetic atmosphere! ‘Burial party’ takes an even rockier sound. There is a great rawness to it that gives it a great rough energy! The music closes with the airy and aptly titled ‘Holy daze’ which, courtesy of the soft and ambient-like sounds will send you off on a nice daze before closing with a big ball of distortion!

This is a fantastic debut album full of thick hazy atmosphere and colourful soundscapes!

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