Following from their blazing debut Furiosity, Canadian four piece rokers Monster Truck have returned with another album’s worth of heavy rocking sounds, aptly titled Sittin’ heavy.

This is a straight out rock and roll album, but with a name like Monster Truck would you expect anything less? The band are out to make a lot of noise and have a lot of fun and they clearly achieve both! There are elements from the classic 70s rock sound reminiscent of Deep Purple, as well stoner rock sounds reminiscent of Alice In Chains or Stone Temple Pilots. The vocals, which sound like a cross of Jerry Cantrell and Chris Cornell, add the finishing touches to the rough rocking atmosphere!
The album blasts open with the hard energy and asking ‘Why are you not rocking?’ and if you’re not you too should be asking that question. ‘Don’t tell me how to live’ is a slower but heavier tune that roars along with a great stoner-rock style growl.

‘She’s a witch’ brings out the bluey/grungy sounds reminiscent to Soundgarden’s early work. The band fire on all four cylinders to produce a thick atmosphere transporting you off to a crowded but thumping bar! ‘Black forest’ is a slow burning almost ballad, with a darker backdrop the track achieves almost hypnotic powers courtesy of the subtle grungy atmosphere! ‘New soul’ is a speedy and intense offering that races by with great flair and some infectious riffs! The album closes with the soft ballad ‘Enjoy your time’.

This is a great rock album that is full of energy and atmosphere! Taking the best bits of classic 70s rock and 90s stoner rock and grunge, Monster Truck really packs a punch!


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