This is the debut EP from Brisbane born Aya-Rosa. The songs on the EP were created over a 5 year soul-searching journey that saw Aya-Rosa travel, and play across the world from Rome to New Orleans, the Sahara Desert to the Peruvian Amazon. The result is a multi-coloured collection of sounds and atmospheres which all flow together like an epic journey through many and varied environments.

The EP opens with the sweet yet irreverent love song ‘By surprise’. The music bounds along beautifully, starting soft and simple it gradually builds in depth to show off some rich textures. On top of this the cute and sharp vocals provide some the song with great character.
‘Prey for you’ sees the music take a dark turn. There is a chilling atmosphere like wondering around an abandoned area late at night. The subtle reggae-esq backdrop gives the song an intriguing depth while the passionate, agonising vocals drive home the feeling of a doomed relationship unravelling.
‘Flesh and bones’ is a slow, almost bluesy offering. The slow and rolling guitar provides a barren yet vivid country atmosphere. The subtle twangy vocals gives the song a great rootsy sound without sounding forced or over the top.

‘Love lust and calculated cruelty’ is a chilled out psychedelic tune. As the track evolves it takes on many experimental sounds that drift along to create a thick and hazy atmosphere! The explosive, trip-hop outtro gives the song a great twist adding a further dimension to the experience.
‘I must not tell lies’ is a playful country style sing-a-long. The twangy guitars give the song a great rural vibe full of colour!
The EP saves the best for last in the form of the epic title track. The hazy psyceldelic atmosphere allows you to drift off into a dreamy musical trip, sounding like a very chilled out version of Syd Barret era Pink Floyd. The faint and calm vocals add to the relaxed feeling of the song further aiding to the blissfulness.

This is a lovely collection of songs that show off all manner of colour sounds and textures, all of which flow along nicely to create a dreamy shoegaze-esq experience!

Check out Aya-Rose’s website to find out more!