Little Earthquake have announced that they will be teaming up with Nick Littlemore (Empire Of The Sun) to record their debut album, which will be the first offering since the band’s debut EP ‘Bright Side’. Tomatrax

How did the band form?
Matt and I have always played in bands together and this time round we took a couple of years off to write before we launched this band and we got used to it just being the two of us that by the time we had the songs and were ready to roll, we didn’t have a band haha so that’s why it is the two of us and we use a band of session players live.

Where did the name Little Earthquakes come from?
It was actually as simple as someone on Facebook posting a status asking if everyone else felt the little earthquake and she wrote it just as ‘little earthquake?’ It just stuck with me instantly.

You’re about to start recording your debut album, how will this compare with your previous EP?
We are actually half way through recording it now and it’s sounding amazing! It’s a new sound for us for sure. It’s still catchy/pop but there’s a fair few different influence in there, mostly the product the production side of things.

Do you know what the album will be titled?
Unsure of that at this point!

You’ll be teaming up with Nick Littlemore on this record, how did this collaboration come about?
We contacted him because we love his work and I guess we got him at the right time because he hit us back straight away and asked to know a little more about us and a few emails and phone calls later we were in the studio with him working on music! It all happened so fast actually.

What has it been like working with Nick Littlemore?
Amazing! He has taken us out of our comfort zones. Things got a little weird and experimental but we are still the same band and anyone who previously liked us should still dig it.

You received a fair amount of critical acclaim for your debut EP, does this make you feel any pressure going in for your next release?
It doesn’t really because we are constantly progressing as writers and performers so if anything, we expect better from ourselves every time too. And having that mind set really helps us because we are our own biggest critics and delete any song we think is just ok. But I think if you let that kind of pressure get to you then you’re always gonna hear and see bad reviews of your work. You’ve just gotta do your thing and release it out into the universe and what will be, will be.

What was the inspiration for the video for I am alive?
The ocean, the sky and nature itself. We love all those things and we really just wanted to work with someone who was on our page. Robert Sherwood came up with it all and directed it and it turned out exactly how we could have hoped for.

What’s the music scene like in the Central Coast?
It’s ok. It’s not real easy for up and coming bands to play in front of crowds but there is definitely enough people here for bands that hit a certain triple j level to get a room filled out.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Ahah, I should say no. Because saying yes sold sound lame but, yes. This new single we did with Nick that we will be dropping in a matter of months is probably our favourite track to date and we listen to it at least twice a day. No joke haha

What other music do you listen to?
This will seem like a short and bling answer but, everything. A good genes song is a good song. Genres aren’t an issue. We listen to everything!

What do you have planned once your upcoming album is finished?
We plan to release the single in late March and hit the road straight away but the album won’t follow until later in the year.

Check out Little Earthquake’s Facebook page to find out more!