This is the latest solo release from Memory In Plant’s frontman. Going for around 10 minutes the EP is packed with action with all sorts of amazing and unconventional sounds with a heap of twists and turns in each track. There is a great mix of grunge and prog rock elements creating intriging spacey soundscapes!

‘Sugarush’ has a grunge/stoner rock feel to it with a suble eastern twist. The music creates a mesmerising atmosphere that is further enhanced by the unpredicable twists in the sounds.

‘Diamonds’ has a soft and chilled out psyceldelic sound. The calm endearing nature draws you in while the weird and wonderful spacey sounds make you want to keep exploring. ‘Steller’ sounds like an acoustic guitar piece and an experimental psyeldelic track playing at the same time. Strangely the two elements work well together creating a strange and intriguing journey. The EP closes with the quiet spacey sounds of ‘My last brian cell’. Sounding like someone slowly decening into madness the music starts in a calm and collected before slowly but surely unraveling to reaveal chaotic and chilling sounds reminicent of a run down funfare at night!

This is an amazing collection of weird and wonderful sounds taking off in amazing and unpredictable journeys!