High Tiny Hairs are a dreamy pop trio from Spain. The band released their debut EP last year, featuring 6 self produced tracks bouncing between sixties Baroque pop and the new psychedelic movement of the early eighties. Tomatrax caught up with Ben Bachman, the band’s front man, to ask a few questions.


How did the band form?

About a year ago I was living in the United States (Minneapolis Minnesota). I had originally wrote the songs at my studio in Minneapolis. I had some friends do some session work on a couple of the songs. However on the other 4 I ended up doing all instruments as well engineer the album. I liked the way it sounded, more raw and spontaneous. I played a couple of shows in Minneapolis with Fuck Knights backing me up. With the Fuck Knights having been prevousily on tour in 2014 in Europe I met the current members in Spain. My partner in crime Cristina swept me off my feet and I found myself moving to Spain. We all connected regardless of our language differences.

Where did the name High Tiny Hairs come from?

One of my friends was wearing one of my old bands T-shirts and my friend visiting from Mexico asked does that say High Tiny Hairs. The shirt actually said something completely different because of a weird font we used.. When I think of the name it makes think of when you getting a freaky feeling and your hairs stand up on your neck. Some people think its a dirty reference to pubic hair or something. We actually had someone post a guy naked on our facebook 😦

What made you decide to make your EP self titled?

No reason…

Was it hard to pick what songs made it onto the EP?

Nope cause I only had six songs at the time…

What inspired you to release the EP on cassette?

Greg Mills from Fuck Knights had started a Record label. ( Sir Gregory Records). Every band he has only been pressed to cassette.

Do you think cassettes will continue to have a place in music into the future?

Maybe I think they are great because of that analog sound and they don’t scratch like Compact Disks. Plus we put a download card so that you can get the actual wave files instead of MP3.

Do you ever write lyrics in Spanish?

No but I’ve been thinking about writing one just for my sake of learning the language better. I always loved the Jonathan Richman album that he did entirely in Spanish…

You have been working on a follow up release, how has that been going?

Since I’ve been living in Spain I’ve been extra inspired. We’ve got a new LP coming out with 9 songs. The songs sound great! Hopefully we can release by early Spring.

How will the next release compare to your self titled debut?

Our new album is venturing towards more of an experimental feel. However it will still have that grooving beat like our first album…

What is the music scene in Montblanc like?

Cover bands lots of cover bands…

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Yeah I do because I usually end up being the engineer.

What other music do you listen to?

Stranglers, 13th floor elevators, MC5, Captain Beefheart, Dr. Feelgood, Brian Eno, Syd Barret.. Hawkwind, Specials, Can…..

What do you have planned in 2016?

Hopefully do some touring and start working on recording the third album…We’re also almost done with our first music video.

Check out High Tiny Hairs website to find out more!