This is album number two from independent Canadian roots artist Justin Sawicki. The album was recorded within home studios with Mr Sawicki doing most of the work himself. This results in a very earthy and raw sound. The album covers various elements of country / western, folk, and roots with vivid soundsacpes crating a thick rural atmosphere!

‘Louise’ is a bright and upbeat country-pop tune. The music flows along playfully with a subtle country backdrop. ‘Honey bee’ is a clever sharp tongued offering with many metaphors involving honey such as building a hive together, and the great line “honey bee, pollinate me!” This is all backed with a soft and mellow country-western soundtrack. ‘The polar bear song’ brings in some rocking sounds as the song races along with great energy.

‘We like it here’ is a heartfelt and meloncholic tune. The show moving sounds creates a very emotional experience.
‘Stranger in my bones’ is a dark and chilling tune that brings out a thick atmosphere making you feel like you are wandering around the middle of nowhere at the dead of night.
‘Just break my heart’ has all the elements of a country / western break up song. The feeling of heart break and loss is felt throughout while at the same time there is curious charm to the song.
‘Upsula trees’ is a deep, slow, atmospheric tune, making you feel like you are traveling along a deserted country road.

‘In the morning’ is a lively toe tapping tune that sounds like what you might hear in a bar in the wild west!
The album closes with the soft sombre sounds of ‘Field of gold’.

This is a great collection of country / roots songs. There is great emotion expressed across the 11 tracks with a great mix of upbeat poppy tunes and sombre melonchollic offerings. As a result this album works as a great journey though feelings and vivid imagary.

Check out Justin Sawicki’s website to find out more!