As mentioned a few days ago, this year will mark the 10 year annerversary of Tomatrax being established. We have asked musicians featured over the years what their favourite music is and will compile this into a chart in May.


In the lead up, we will look at a different artists’ top 10 songs of all time. To kick things off we will look at Tim Fergusion, lead singer of the 2014 Tomatrax Top 100 runners up, the Red Plastic Buddha. When asked to provide his favourite songs of all time Mr Fergusion had this to say

“How the hell do I choose my favorite songs of all time?!?!. That’s like listing your favorite cookies, favorite kisses, favorite sunny days, favorite laughs, favorite snowfalls, favorite breezes. Music is sensual, music is inspiring; it delights and comforts and serves as a bookmark for memories. There are songs that hold painful memories for me, because they provided soundtracks for broken hearts or they remind me of the happiness and times spent with friends long gone.”

He did nevertheless agree to participate and here are his top 10 songs!

10. Birdie – Laugh

9. Love – Little Red Book

8. Syd Barrett – Gigolo Aunt

7. Peter Hammill – Nobody’s Business

6. The Kinks – I’m Not Like Everybody Else

5. The Jam- This is the Modern World

4. Green – Gotta get a record out

3. The Chills – Pink Frost

2. The Beatles – She Loves You

1. Pink Floyd – Lucifer Sam


Check out The Red Plasti Buddha’s latest album below (or click here).