It is perhaps the least optimistic band name going around, but it certantly fits the sound of these Scottish heavy metal rockers. This latest EP from Glasgow’s Maybe We’re dead already holds nothing back and provides a full on assult of energy fueled hard rocking sounds from start to finish!

The band seem to have influences from just about every heavy metal and hard rock band out there with elements of everything from Alice in Chains to Machine Head finding its way into the mix. The great thing is the different elements work together creating a new sound while also showing off a certain vintage feel.

‘Stretched out and strained’ starts in a dark and subdued fashion before suddenly blasting out with explosive metal sounds. From there on the track thrashes out with massive metal energy and a vivid, gritty atmosphere! ‘On the way down’ is a short, sweet, and racing tune. Sounding across between Machine Head and Motorhead the music speeds past causing its carnage before then racing off. ‘Lost static’ is a slower tune with low growling guitars creating a thick hazy atmosphere! ‘Shrapnel’ brings out a vintage rock sound, complete with catchy hooks that will get you nodding away! ‘The bitter things we know’ is something of a departure, with a softer, more polished exterior. The EP closes with the stripped back sounds of ‘True faith (break the density)’. Driven by an acoustic guitar this brings out a mellow metal sound that acts as a nice warm down from the rage that has just transpired.

This is one action packed EP. The 6 tracks cover just about every sub-genre of metal and hard rock with a great mix of energy and atmosphere!

Check out Maybe we’re dead already’s website to find out more!