This is the debut EP from Brisbane’s latest metal core outfit Vessel Born. This EP is curious in that it starts off adequately but finishes strongly with each song sounding slightly better than its predecessor. The band are very tight together and put out a solid sound but it is only towards the end that they start to show something that can stand out as being different.

‘Sleeping giants’ is a solid but standard metal-core tune. There is the angry indecipherable growling paired with the sensitive and emotionally engaged vocals backed with the moving soundtrack. The elements are all well executed and work well together without necessarily standing out as anything groundbreaking. ‘The vultures voice’ sees the music lift several notices in more ways than one. There is a greater feeling of intensity, while the growly dry-lung vocals carry more power than before to create a fast and furious energetic tune! ‘Burn’ takes the charge even further and faster with the music racing by driven by some furious metal drumming!
‘Dressing a dead man’ brings in a certain hypnotic feeling with the slow burning sounds creating a thick dark atmosphere. This is all topped off with a slow but heavy David Gilmour-esq guitar solo at the end.

The EP ends with its strongest track, ‘Let Chaos Reign’. This sees the band start to become a little more chaotic and take on a more edgy sound.

This is a very decent debut EP that shows off a lot of talent and promise! The band have room for improvement in terms of achieving their own sound, but show signs that they are on the right track to achieving this.

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