This West Yorkshire duo’s debut release shows off a lot to be exited about. The band have cited influences as diverse as The Beatles, The Stone Roses, The La’s, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack and Leftfield, all of which is covered somewhere amongst the 5 songs. Each track provides many twists, turns, and diverse sounds to create an unpredictable journey that is strangely compelling and engaging.

‘The Octopus Tree’ is a curious introduction to the record. The music moves around fluidly taking on elements of indie, trip-hop, and space rock, creating a twisted journey that is unpredictable yet strangely compelling and infectious.
‘Within this skin’ is a curious mix of sounds, sounding like the various styles Primal Scream went through, only all packed into one song. The different and sometimes contrasting styles work amazingly with each other creating a vivid atmosphere that is constantly evolving.
‘White doves’ has a sweet chilled out new age vibe to it, sounding somewhere between Robert Mills and the Happy Mondays. There is a certain dreamy feel that allows you to drift off into the abyss.
‘Enjoy the rise’ is an eerie dance tune with a contrasting mix of active beats and a calm background.
The EP closes with the dark and chilling sounds of ‘The spirit molecule’. The spooky soundscape creates a confronting atmosphere like walking through deserted caves in the middle of the night!

This is a great debut that shows off all manner of sounds and vibes. Each track goes off on an epic journey full of vivid atmosphere and curious twists. The best thing is this is only the first offering!

Check out Saint Cole’s website to find out more!