Want some special music to play this Christmas? Want something different from the traditional carols? Likely to lose it if you hear another Christmas remake from Mariah Carey or Michael Buble? Well Small Bear Records have put together the complication just for you with 25 alternative Christmas tunes!

Small Bear Records show off the best bands they have on their books, each finding their own creative way to sing about Christmas. There is quite a range in feeling and emotion attached to the event with a mix of happy joyous tunes along side the more depressing and angsty “Anti-Christmas” offerings.

Phil Reynolds opens the compilation in as irreverent a manner as possible with a blast or raw post punk rocking sounds roaring along with furious passion! Tomatrax Top 100 winners Postcode provide a tight and fast 3 minute rock anthem in the form of ‘Switch off’. Taking something of a departure from their recent EP, the band go for a fast and hard rock sound complete with the sing-a-long chorus of “Santa you were the best!”  Les Bicyclettes De Belsize’s ‘It Only Snows At Christmas’ is a sweet and catchy Britpop tune that brings out a mix of warmth and subtle melancholy.

Harmony chord bring in an uplifting and joyful anthem with their bright and catchy REM-esq ‘Another Lo-Fi Christmas’. This Heel provide a cute and catchy electronic instrumental ‘The elves’ which would work as great theme music in any Christmas related animation. Neurotic Wreck provides a catchy electro-indie-pop anthem in the form of “Savour’s day. Alice Dudley provides the carol of the album with her breathtakingly beautiful vocal-only track ‘Sweet Nightingale’.

The collection includes its fair share of “anti” Christmas tunes for all the Scruges and Grinches out there including the rough and raw punk sounds of ‘Another Hate filled Christmas’ from the Bordellos and Nanaki’s sombre Cure-esq instumental ‘The capitalists that ruined Christmas (the bastards).’

The album is a lot of fun with the Christmas spirit being explored in various ways. Each song stands up on its own as being a great tune making the album as a whole more than just a mere novelty. So if your family insists on Christmas music being played this festive season, this is the perfect answer!