After listening to hundreds of records, and looking at some tea leaves, the best 20 albums from the past twelve months have been determined! As is always the case, narrowing the list to 20 is no easy task with many great albums not making the cut, so feel free to post your favorite albums below. Now onto the list…

Number Twenty

Damian Anache – Capturas del Unico Camino


Number Nineteen

Alice SpaceDoll – Angelic activism

Number Eighteen

Fraudband – Many ways in… one way out

Number Seventeen

William Street Strikers – Nothing’s going on

Number Sixteen

They Might Be Giants – Glean

Number Fifteen

Faith No More – Sol Invictus

Number Fourteen

Rodney Cromwell – Age of anxiety


Number Thirteen

Caligula’s Horse – Bloom

Number Twelve

Hannah in the Wars -Hannah in the wars

Number Eleven

Nap Eyes – Whine of the mystic

Number Ten

Roger O’Donnell and Julia Kent – Love and other tragedies

Number Nine

Royal Chants – War cry of failure

Number Eight

Mark Gardner and Robin Guthrie – Universal Road

Number Seven

Super Best Friends – Status Updates

Number Six

HC-B – Rough

Number Five

Eliza Hull – The bones of us

Number Four

The Starks – Earth and the ego

Number Three

Anda Volley – Are you armed

Number Two

Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase.

Number One

Pure Phase Ensemble 4 – Live at SpaceFest