Denver based The Kissing Party put forward some pleasant indie pop tunes that are very easy on the ear driven by that soft and comforting shoegazey atmosphere. With 15 tracks in just over 30 minutes, and all bar one of the tracks clocking in under two and a half minutes the tracks race by and are gone before you know it. In some cases this works well as the songs are short, sweet, and to the point. In other cases they feel like they were cut short and could have had a bit more added to them.

‘Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow’ is a fast paced but soft punk-pop tune. The music goes by nicely bringing out a comforting hazy atmosphere reminiscent of Scream Feeder or Sonic Youth’s poppier moments. ‘Right out of real life’ continues in a similar vein with curious experimental distortions finding their way into the sound making it and interesting if not conventional experience. ‘The swimming pool’ is a key highlight which, despite going for just over a minute and a half, manages to feel complete with everything fitting together perfectly. ‘New glue’ is a colourful no wave experience with the various sounds and vibes floating by in a hazy fashion.
‘You can’t have everything’ is a darker, and slightly chilling tune, making you feeling like you are wondering around uneasily though a rural area at dusk.

‘Trash’ is a light and bright indie pop tune that oozes a ’90s style shoegazer atmosphere.

‘Two boys’ is a heavier tune with a grungy yet dreamy backdrop led by some calm and soft vocals. Going for 83 seconds, it feels like it finishes too early with still much more to offer. Meanwhile, ‘Night of the pigs’, the album’s longest song, works as the perfect indie pop tune with the right balance of distorting atmosphere and catchy vibrant tunes.
The album closes with the beautiful melonchollic stripped back sounds of ‘You’re gonna wonder’.
This is an absolutely adorable collection of songs full of vibrance and atmosphere. The one flaw here is that some of the songs seem too short and could have been fleshed out a little more. However, there are no dull moments or padding to be found here with every element of every track providing something wonderful!

Check out the Kissing Party’s bandcamp page to find out more!