I’ve lost count of how many Sickboy/Royal Chant releases there have been, I could go back and count them but somehow saying I’ve lost count seems to have a bigger impact. Somehow after all this time the band are still able to put out some great DIY garage rock sounds that have that great rough and ready raw feel to them with no hint of slowing down in terms of energy or passion.

‘Dick move’ is a low growing garage rock tune with elements of early REM. Mr Spence uses his sharp tongue and wit and provide his satirical Australian social commentary in a very laid back manner. This is backed by the thick grungy soundtrack that slowly roars along!

‘I pretend you believe’ picks up the pace musically with a faster grungy growl blasting along. ‘I am a model’ is everything a garage rock song sound have, there is the loud, blasting guitars that fill up any empty space topped by the off key sing a long choruses that give the tune that rough around the edges charm that makes rock what it is.

‘Sisters on fire’ is probably the closest the RC gang will ever get to doing a ballad. There is a great melancholic feeling felt courtesy of the dark and slowly thrashing sounds met with the heart felt vocals that see every bit of feeling pushed through.

‘Just trying to meet you’ works as the album’s “radio friendly” single tune. Fast, catchy, and kind of upbeat it races along playfully without compromising any rocking energy!

‘Well hey, I guess things break’ is a slow countryish rock tune sounding like Wilco crossed with Nirvana. The contrast from the slow atmospheric verses and the loud thrashing choruses work brilliantly together showing off a roller coaster of emotions! The slow distorting J Mascis-esq guitar solo finishes the song off perfectly!

The album closes with the experimental slow burning ‘Sight for sore eyes’.  One of the very few RC tunes to clock in over 5 minutes the band take their time with this laid back, almost chilled out tune!

Royal Chant continue to fight the good fight with this collection of raw yet strangely heart felt tunes.

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