You could be forgiven for thinking this EP was a collection of lost recordings from the Animals or the Kingsmen. The songs sound like they were recorded back in the 60s with a vintage sound coming through in each track. There is something quite endearing and engaging about the music, there is a certain roughness to the sound that makes you feel like you’ve put on an old vinyl. The band have captured the charm of 60s pop rock with each track showing off a charming pop feel. At the same time the band put their own twists to the music with effective contrasts between rough rock and roll, sweet and slick pop, and a psychedelic backdrop, ensuring that something new and fresh is also on offer!

‘Chaos Ensures’ brings out a vintage rock and roll sounding like a heavier version of the Beatles. The music is full of energy as it races along with a great lively feel. At the same time it is packed with charm and some infectiously catchy tunes. ‘Ghost shadows’ takes things to a heavier level with a raw and rough sound mixed with a subtle psychedelic hint. The track is full of interesting spacey sounds while also having a great rough and ready rock feel. ‘First world problems’ is a sharp psychedelic pop-rock tune. The music all fits together nicely in a slick and poppy fashion while the cool keyboards give the song a curious and intriguing edge. The EP closes with the cute and charming love tune ‘Girl like you’.

This is a great EP with 6 lively songs packed with catchy tunes and intriguing sound scrapes.

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