Canadian-Ukrainian dreampop duo have returned with an EP full of chilled out atmospheric soundscapes! The EP brings out a very dreamy atmosphere that will allow you to relaxed and drift off into the abyss. Along the way are an abundance of curious, colourful textures floating about. The calm vocals further add to the chilled out vibe and guides you off onto the spacey journey.

‘Orion’ is a chilled out new age tune in the vein of Robert Mills. The music drifts along creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere, making you feel like you are wondering though a rain forest.

‘Lama’ continues the deep relaxed feel. The Mike Oldfield-esq guitar in the background creates a thick hazy atmosphere that allows for a comforting wall of sound to take over!

‘Winter tale’ has a cold but beautiful feeling, like wondering through the snow. The echoing vocals paired with the trip-hop beats create an environment that is cold and dark yet somehow welcoming and bright at the same time.
‘Galacticion’ is a curious experimental instrumental tune reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s more ambient and avant guard moments.
‘Ocean girl’ is a soft indie tune. In contrast to the electronic sounds that preceded it, there is a much more earthy feel here, making you feel like you’re wandering around the beach early in the morning.

Following this are three remixes of Lama from the likes of Cocteau Twins Robin Guthrie, OMD’s Malcolm Holmes, and Lights that change. Each remix brings in something new and interesting. Thankfully, all three clock in under 5 minutes, allowing the remixed to be fully released without becoming long winded or self indulgent.
Mr Guthrie’s remix sees an additional layer of chilled out ambience, not unlike the beautiful sounds that the Cocteau Twins were known for. Meanwhile Mr Holmes’ remix sees the song take on a more energetic dance feel to it. Finally Lights that change’s remix has a relax vibe that sees the music flow from spacey electronic sounds to more earthy rural sounds.

This is an absolutely beautiful collection of songs. Each track brings its own special atmosphere that takes you off to somewhere foreign yet at the same time welcoming!

Check out Ummagma’s website to find out more!