New Zealand’s Hollie Smith has released albums that have achieved multi-platinum & gold status, and has performed all over the world including at the prestigious Montreal Jazz Festival in 2014.

Hollie is bringing her full band for a tour round Australia. The tour concurs with the release of her new single, and is a prelude to the pending release of her much anticipated new album set for release in early 2016.

Tomatrax caught up with Hollie to ask a few questions.

You’ve received both critical acclaim and commercial success for your music, does that make you feel any pressure when working on your new music?
Yeah a lot! Trying not to think about it at the moment & just get on with it.
If this album was my first I would be feeling really positive but after 10 years you know that with expectations & comparisons there will be very some critical feedback that you have to be prepared for.
Circumstances have made the production of this album take longer than expected so I just have to trust it will all fall into place & come together in time.

What made you pick Lady Dee as your latest single?
The feedback I got from everyone from the initial demo was that everyone thought that song was the most developed & people were liking it straight away, so it was the obvious choice. Also after getting NZ On AIR single funding for Lady Dee it helped the decision along.
After some more development on other songs I think there are some more really good singles to come.

What was the inspiration behind the video clip for Lady Dee?
Had some good friends Faye & Preston from MoFresh productions come up with the imagery and visual concept. Felt it worked with the different personalities & different circumstances that you can be or come across.

You have a new album coming out next year, how will it compare to your previous work?
I think the songs are simpler in form which lends itself to being slightly easier to listen to maybe?
I wrote a lot on guitar for this album which created simpler chord progressions & more riff based concepts.
It has a few more up beat tracks & just wanted to have a bit more energy & a little more of a edge.

Do you know what the album will be titled?
Now that would be telling… you’ll have to wait and see 🙂

You’re about to tour Australia, what can fans expect from your show?
They will be able to hear some of the new songs & a more energetic set compared with other performances. Also I can’t remember the last time I would of had a full band with me in Aus – so that’s gonna be fun to share.
Still have a few older tracks of course!

You performed as part of the All Black’s Rugby World Cup song, ‘Team, ball, player, thing’, how did that come about?
In the typical kiwi way of getting a phone call a couple days before & asked if I was keen for a jam.
Always awesome to be involved in something that is supporting a wonderful cause for the charity ‘Cure Kids’ directly funding research and development for Late Infantile Batten Disease.

Having the All Blacks support & being a apart of their winning campaign in a small way was also a honor. (sorry bout that by the way.)

What was it like to play at the Montreal Jazz Festival?
Definitely a career highlight – amazing festival & just really good energy.
Was blown away with the crowd & interest.
Doing a big show overseas felt really great.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Not really…. Unless I’m in the middle of making it.

What music do you listen to?
All sorts. Gospel, soul, folk, rock, hip hop… A bit of everything I think.
New releases I’m listening to at the moment are the Kendrick Lamar, Kimbra & Florence and the Machines new albums.

What do you have planned once your tour is over?
Will be back in studio finishing things off (hopefully!!!) gearing up for release & probably panicking a little! 🙂

Hollie Smith’s tour dates are listed. Check out Hollie Smith’s website to find out more!
Thursday, 26th November
Howler, Melbourne VIC

Friday, 27th / Saturday, 28th November Queenscliffe Festival VIC Tickets:

Sunday, 29th November
The Basement, Sydney NSW