Returning from a 7 week tour of Europe , playing an mammoth 44 shows in 46 days, promoting album number 4, Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show, Peter Black is now ready to launch his new album in Australia, touring most of November, leaking into December. Tomatrax caught up with Mr Black to ask a few questions.

Where did the title Clearly you didn’t like the show come from?
Out of thin air!!

The album mainly features your voice and guitarists, what made you take on the “stripped back” direction on this album?
Three reasons .. Last album had trillions of kitchen sinks on it so wanted to pull it back this time.. And to record songs I thought were cool in such a quiet setting.. To have an album that sounds like the live show does.. Last but not least, to show off a bit

You’ve put out 4 solo albums as well as music with the Hard-Ons, and Nunchukka Superfly, is it hard to juggle the different projects?
No not at all .. All I ever think about is music. The hardest part is to find some dollars to fund all this stuff! I wanna do more!

You’ve said how you don’t do side projects, does it get annoying when your non Hard Ons work gets referred to as a side project?
Yeah, I suppose. Hard Ons are probably the band I spend less time on. But all the projects (at least in my mind) have aspects that are different and that I really enjoy. People like one band or project, I just like music full stop.

Your lyrics are a driving force behind this album, where do you get the inspiration for the lyrics?
… Mainly subconscious, I don’t like forcing stuff as it always comes out corny. Acoustic stuff you can hear the lyrics very clearly so much more care is taken. Mind you, some songs are so personal so I find that a bit hard. I don’t want people knowing shit about me so everything is in disguise no mustache or man buns just, um hats and dark glasses!

When writing your songs, what comes first, the music or the words?
Music always! Artist who write “words” don’t interest me much

You’ve just finished a 7 week tour of Europe , playing 44 shows in 46 days, how do you keep the energy up for so many shows?
I’m just thankful for each day I get to play! Pure bliss! I’m fucking driving a taxi so… Ha, plenty of energy!!

Did you have a favourite place to play at?
Lyon was my favorite show. A place called Kraspeck was fantastic. Always love Gruta 77 but… Seriously even when the show was a “tough” one (like a Tuesday night) I dig it! You learn and get better with each gig.

Is there anywhere you’ve wanted to play a show but are yet to do so?
Would love to play everywhere

You’ve begun touring Australia in support of your album, what can fans expect from your shows?
A lot of the new album plus a bunch of newies. Keish and Ray are playing most of the gigs to. So a lot of old Fart stuff, Bwhahaha !

You recently appeared on Laura Imbruglia’s amateur hour, what was that like?
Really ace! Her show is a great idea and much needed. Was a honour really.

What do you have planned after your current solo tour?
…Besides new albums for all my “side” projects I wanna attempt to release a song a day next year

Check out Peter Black’s website to find out more!