According to their bio, Skellums was formed because “there was nothing else left to do”. Naturally the next thing to do is to make music, record it, and release it, which is what they have done with this their latest EP.

There are elements of Weezer and Blink 182 across the songs as the band take on elements of indie pop and punk rock. The sound is very tight and the tunes are infectiously catchy and vibrant. It isn’t the most mind blowing EP around but there is a lot of like about the sound.

‘We are one’ has all the elements of a punk pop anthem with catchy riffs, a big sing-a-long chorus, and a good rocking outtro. ‘The Avenue’ takes on a softer and more poppy approach with some nice melodies and subtle brass sounds in the background.

‘Monsters’ is a cute and charming tune sounding like a more indie version of The Monkeys. There is a good amount of energy that backs up the bright vocals.

The album closes with the cynical yet upbeat subtly ska inspired ‘Growing old’. This rounds out the EP quite nicely.

This is quite a nice collection of songs that are all a bit of fun. The band isn’t yet pushing any major musical boundaries however they have set up some very solid foundations that promises a lot more to come.

Check out Skellum’s website to find out more!