This is the debut album from Melbourne psychedelic act The Stark. Sounding absolutely nothing like the music you’d expect to hear during the Game of Thrones, the band put forward a collection of interesting experimental sounds all held together with some good old fashion rocking tunes! With the album recorded in their garage-studio in the Dandenong Ranges, the band achieve a great earthy sound that transports you out into rural surroundings!

‘Morning sky’ is a soft psychedelic rock ballad. The soft and slow guitars create a great earthy atmosphere taking you out to some remote rural location. ‘The earth and the ego’ is a lively upbeat tune that sees psyceldeica meets Brit-pop. The music bounces around with great energy driven by some catchy tunes. This is backed up by a deep psychedelic backdrop that provides a thick and hazy atmosphere. ‘Pamela’ is a soft and poppy love song that transforms into a massive yet chilled out rock jam with some very cool riffs being uncovered. ‘Blue eyed boy’ is an energetic shoegazer tune, driven by some loud rocking guitars, it will get your head nodding away in no time. ‘Worried mind’ takes on a more country feel with a soft hint of stoner rock, sounding like Alice in Chains lighter, acoustic moments. ‘Something’s amiss’ on the other hand takes on a raw and rough rock and roll sound driven by some dirty guitars, creating a great pub-esq atmosphere.

‘Right behind me’ is the soft “ballad” of the album, moving along slowly with a country feel and a subtle trip-hop background. ‘Scene of the crime’ is a slow burning epic tune sounding like a cross between Powderfinger and Gomez. There is a great rural feel creating a thick atmosphere! The album closes with the soft and earthy sounds of ‘Summer breeze’, allowing the album to go on one final epic journey through sounds!

This is a brilliant album full of solid rock sounds topped with a great collection of psychedelic and shoegaze vibes.

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