Following almost a year of touring around Australia, Sydney five piece Bad Pony have put together their debut EP!

There are many bands out there that like to cover as many styles as they can across their record, in Bad Pony’s case they cover as many styles within each song. Over the 3-4 minute duration of each song on offer is constant evolution covering everything from industrial rock to catchy pop. The transitions are smooth and precise allowing for a seamless flow that takes you everywhere imaginable and then some!

‘Michael Moore’ is an energetic and catchy rocking pop tune that sounds like Phoenix crossed with Devon Townsend. The music has a heap of life and pulls off some strange yet wonderful musical combinations. The band seem to be trying to pack every single subgenre of rock into 3 minutes as it takes many twists and turns but it all works well together!

‘Down to you’ is a creative rock tune that takes you everywhere from soft acoustic sounds to loud rock anthens. There are no predictable let alone dull moments here as the sounds are constrantly evolving. At the same time the band put on a great rocking sound that holds the various elements together and gets your head banging!

‘White Russian’ is a colourfully catchy and playful tune. The poppy sing-a-long lyrics are backed brilliantly with an energetic rocking soundtrack! There is a cool ska sound weaving its way through the song giving it an offbeat but very infecious vibe!

‘Limbo’ starts off with a bleak stripped back, reminiscent of Radiohead’s more minimalist moments before launching into an angsty power ballad with the intensity, slowly but surely building.

‘Guard down’ continues in a similar vein before suddenly racing away with a big rocking sound to finish the EP bit a bang!

This is a brilliant EP that shows off 5 great songs that each take their own special journey! As this is the debut here’s hoping there’s more where this came from!


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