Heavy rocker Sophia Marie has been known for her hard hitting metal tunes and rock anthems both from her solo work and with her band Wicked Wench. This time round she has gone in a more poppy direction. While the songs are much more poppy then the previous heavy hitting offerings there is still that darker side making its way into the music with some unnerving atmospheric undertones giving the songs a unique edge and extra depth. The music also has a more electronic feel to it than Sophia’s previous releases, with the styles covering everything from dance-pop to more industrial sounds.

‘Sense Overload’ sounds something like Porcupine Tree might with Kate Cerbrano on vocals. The bright and poppy vocals create a lively vibrant feel. This is backed by a deep rainforesty soundtrack giving the song a great atmospheric depth. ‘Transport me’ is a spacey dance tune. Racing by at great speed the song exerts energy from the very start with a curious atmosphere making you feel that you are zooming through space. ‘Fallen paradise’ is a heavy yet poppy electronic dance tune, with the contrasts of bright and poppy tunes and dark unnerving undertones completing each other. ‘Break down the walls’ sounds like Taylor Swift being remixed by Trent Reznor. The music has a great intensity to it which is further emphasised by the passionate and angsty vocals. The track closes with the softer ‘Is this what heaven’s like?’ Moving in a slower more relaxed pace and with a calm atmosphere it acts as a good warm down to the frantic energy that just transpired.

This is a very powerful EP that shows off 5 tight and poppy tracks that each have a dark edge to them.

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