Rodney Cromwell is the solo project of Adam Cresswell, founding member of indie-folktronica band Saloon and one half of electronic two piece Arthur & Martha. This, is latest solo record, was made almost entirely on vintage gear. This has given it a great retro feel with elements of synth pop from the 70s and 80s finding their way into the sound. The album has a great mix of bright and poppy synth pop tunes, and darker, more atmospheric soundscapes creating an interesting journey with many twists and turns!

‘Cassiopeia’ is a soft dance tune with elements of New Order and the Cure working their way into the sound. The music floats along in a calm and chilled out manner with a flurry of curious electronic tunes giving it a nice poppy feel. ‘Barry was an arms dealer’ is a more lively and poppy electronic offering. The tunes are quite catchy while the electronic vocals give the song a sweet charm.

‘You will struggle’ is a darker tune reminiscent of the Human League’s work. Paired with the depressing vocals, makes you feel like you are at a night club having a not so good time. At the same time, the darkness mood has a strange sweet edge.

‘Fax message breakup’ is a dark and unnerving tune. The deep beats and chilling keyboards create a sombre atmosphere full of agony and despair. ‘The blue chord’ has a menacing industrial feel while also maintaining a kind of poppy beat to it. The album closes with the subdued sounds of ‘Black dog’ sounding like a dance remix of the Cure’s late 80s work. There is an interesting mix of upbeat and lively tunes and a dark, melancholic background.

This is a wonderful collection of retro electronic sounds all delivered in new and innovative ways to create a fresh feel!

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