This is the latest EP from French originated and London based  solo artist Angeline. The tracks cover a lot of musical ground, with everything from soul to trip-hop all delivered with great passion and emotion bringing forth some beautiful sounds!

Apparently Angeline created the music with sounds make with whatever she cound find in her room, tapping rhythms on her guitar or desk. The result are some innovative sounds that provide an interesting depth to the music.

‘Black butterflies’ is a groovy and soulful song driven by some energetic and catchy tunes and some beautifully gutsy vocals.

‘Si J’avais La Choix’ is a darker offering driven by a deep melancholic base line. Angeline’s vocals are delivered with a feeling of angst and desperation, adding further to the emotion felt in the song. ‘Arma’ is a heartfelt tune dealing with the 2015 Nepal earthquake while putting an optimistic outlook, helped along by some catchy salsa beats. The long pan pipe led outtro lifts the song even further. ‘While I was away’ sounds like Angelique Kidjo remixed by Massive Attack. With a great mix of Afro-esq beats and a trip-hop backdrop, the song is lively and energetic while also having a curious deep backdrop. The EP closes heartfelt stripped back ‘Ghost Dance’.

This is an amazing EP full of heartfelt and beautiful sounds! The album will take you on a journey from London to Havana and all manner of places in between.

Check out Angeline’s facebook page to find out more!