This is the latest EP from the Cean based four piece instumental post-rockers Red Forest! On offer are four instrumental pieces that bring out a massive dreamy shoegaze vibe, evolving to take on elements of metal, rock, and pop along the way.

‘Raha’ is a slow burning shoegazer track that pours out an all encapsulating dreamy atmosphere. The music gradually develops as the song progresses with some great experimentation leading the way though various weird and wonderful soundscapes to create a vivid and dreamy journey through sounds.

‘Dernier soufflé’ is a darker and heavier tune reminiscent of Metallica’s instrumentals. The lead guitar brings out some totally amazing sounds that will get your ears dancing around with excitement. This is backed by a powerfully dark soundscape that drags you off to an abandoned hut in the middle of the night and leaves you there!
‘Vesuve’ is a curiously poppy and upbeat tune. The guitars are roaring just as much as before but they do so in a bright and lively fashion!
The EP closes with the hazy experimental sounds of ‘If I was in LA’. In the vein of Mogwai, the band put forward some amazing sounds full of thick atmosphere and some great blasts of rocking energy!

This is a fantastic EP that uses experimentation and jamming to full effect to create some epic journeys through sound that are full of energy and dreamy atmosphere! Over the four tracks Red Forest have managed to cover all manner of styles and sounds, pulling them off effortlessly.

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