This is the debut offering from all female Fremantle four-piece Tommyhawk. With three lively jazzy rocking tunes, and one emotion fuelled ballad, this is an EP to get excited about!

The mix of grungy guitars and a jazzy saxophone creates an amazing soundscape full of charisma and life. This is topped off nicely by Addision Axe’s sharp tongues lyrics that are delivered with copious amounts of passion and attitude!

‘Lullabye’ is a powerfully heartfelt and moving song. The emotion is spilling out of Addision Axe’s voice with the feeling of agony and isolation being felt the whole way through. ‘Bluebird’ is a much more lively and upbeat tune. With the music bouncing around from the work go, the music reaches great levels of energy with some vibrant and catchy tunes.


‘Mr Magpie’ is a groovy rocking tune that bursts from the seam with a lively atmosphere that will get your head nodding uncontrollably from start to finish!


The EP closes with a great ode to Wolverine (and the other X-men) in the form of the roaring jazzy ‘Rougue’s song’.

This is an awesome debut EP with each track showing off great energy, life, and emotion! Hopefully there’s plenty more where that came from!

Check out The Tommyhawks’ website to find out more!