This is the debut album from Nova Scotia’s Nap Eyes. Originally released last year in in a highly limited edition of 200 LPs. Thankfully it has been re-released for those outside of Canada to hear!

The band put forward their own brand of raw gritty rock with elements of 60s garage rock and early punk rock, sounding somewhere between the Kingsmen and very early R.E.M. This is topped off by some great dead pan vocals sounding somewhere between Matt and Ian Curtis.

The album was reportedly recorded live to tape with no overdubs. This has allowed the band to achieve a very raw, warts and all sound that gives the music a great gritty atmosphere.

The album opens with the rough and raw ‘Dark credence’. Mixing the best bits of the Pixies and Joy Divison the track puts forward an amazing amount of emotion delivered in a day but moving fashion. The screeching guitar lines add a certain layer of feeling to the tune.
‘Make something’ has a soft country feel. The music moves along slowly with a strong sense of melancholy enhanced by the deep self reflective lyrics.
‘Tribal thoughts’ picks up the pace and then some racing along in a surf rock fashion giving the album a massive shot of energy!

‘Delirium and persecution paranoia’ is a slow grungey / post punk tune that brings out a raw and gritty soundscape complete with a droning meloncholic vibe!

‘No man needs to care’ brings out the vintage guitar rock sound. Racing along with great energy the song has that great rough and raw feel matched by the tight and forceful vocals making for a powerful punk rock tune!
‘Dreaming solo’ takes things even further back into the past combining surf rock and psychedelic elements sounding somewhere between the Beach Boys and the Velvet Underground.

The album closes with the slow burning seven and a half minute shoegaze anthem ‘No fear of hellfire’.

This is a fantastic debut album that showcases the best bits of surf, shoegaze, and post-punk rock! The band rely on their raw sound and as a result produce some highly energetic and moving sounds! The best bit is this is only the first release, giving promise for much greater things to come!

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