Themed metal bands are nothing new with vampires, clowns, and whatever Lordi are meant to be putting out hard hitting tunes. A Simpsons themes metal band is something unusual to begin with but these guys have taken it even further and picked the polite, friendly, church-going Ned Flanders, dubbing themselves the “world’s only Nedal band”.

The music is as heavy as anything with a dark and morbid atmosphere paired with massive bursts of rage. In itself the EP works as a great metal record full of raw energy and grunt. Beyond the appearance of the members, the Ned Flanders’ elements are quite subtle and require you to listen quite closely to the lyrics which are, in most parts, Ned quotes.

‘They warned me’ sets the tone, with a dark and morbid atmosphere full of blasts of angry rage with ‘Nothing at all’ following in a similar vein. ‘Press destruct button’ sees things get even louder, heaver, and intense as it races through quite violently. The EP closes with the major highlight, ‘All that is left’ the great anthem that will no doubt inspire many left handers to go out on an angry protest march!

This EP is a lot of fun, but better than that they have managed to put out a solid metal sound that subtly references their theme. As a result it stands up as a great metal release and much more than just a novelty album.

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