Tony Volker is a South London songwriter who makes artfully produced electro-folk. The tracks on this EP show off some spacey and chilling sounds with elements of everything from Radiohead to Nick Drake being covered. The music ranges from the dark and atmosheric to the stripped bare and simple. Across this range is vivid imagary both coutesty of the clever experimental sounds and the clever narrative vocals delivered with emotion and character.

‘Kingdom of the beasts’ is a soft but unnerving tune taking you away to some dark and foreign place. The slow eerie music creates a chilling atmospheric soundtrack; this is further emphasized with the deceptively calm vocals.

‘Disculpia Me’ takes things to an even darker and chilling place. The music becomes more unnerving and the atmosphere even thicker than before as if the exploration went into deeper into the foreign land.

‘Impasse’ is a complete departure and is instead a slow and calm
acoustic tune in the vein of Nick Drake.
‘Lies in sand’ is an offbeat indie / trip-hoppy tune sounding
somewhere between the Flaming Lips and Massive Attack. The contrast of bright catchy vocals and a dark menacing soundtrack privides a chilling yet intriguing atmosphere, kind of like wondering around an amusement park in the middle of night.
The EP closes with the cold sounds of ‘I guess you know’. Amongst the calm sounds is a feeling of chaos waiting to come out.

This is a great EP with each track taking you off on a different but equally mesmorising journey!



Check out Tony Volker’s website to find out more!