Melbourne psyceldelic garage outfit, the Demon Parade, are back with another trippy collection of sounds. The 5 tracks each take you off on a spacey psychedelic journey full of hazy atmospheric and a calm energy.

‘She’s dope’ brings in vibrant Eastern psychedelic vibe mixed with a calm Brit-pop verses, sounding like a more experimental version of Primal Scream. The music feels like a ray of sunshine peering into a room, while the vocals add a chilled catchy edge to the song.
‘My life in pieces’ takes things further down the psychedelic path with a calm dreamy atmosphere wharfing over and taking you away. The slow background guitar adds depth and a further chilled out spacey feel.
‘Utopia’ is a smooth shoegaze tune sounding somewhere between late Beatles and Ride. The music is slow and relaxed, moving in no particular rush.
‘Die alone’ brings in a hint of country rock while continuing in the hazy and relaxed shoegaze feel. The result is a great atmospheric offering taking you away to some rural area that is both far away and laid back.
The EP closes with the grungy yet spacey ‘Sniper’s Eyes’. There is a great slow energy here as the raw guitar haze floats in and gradually gets heavier and thicker.

This is quite a trippy collection of songs with each track possessing great hazy atmosphere that will take you away to a far off land! If you are after a heavy yet laid back shoegaze experience then listen to this EP!

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