This is the new EP from Shooze, a three-piece ska-punk band from Redditch, West Midlands, UK. On the EP, Shooze bring in the vintage ska sound in the vein of The Specials or the Clash. The band manage to get the sound and the feel out with great atmosphere, sounding fresh and interesting in the process. The band pull no punches with in their music or in the lyrics as they paint a bleak yet vivid soundscape showing off the dark and gritty corners of London.

‘Minimum wage’ is a chilled out and mellow track that is contrasted by the dark and confronting political lyrics about the consequences of social inequities.

‘Trouble in London’ sees a more chilling, menacing atmosphere creep in. The dark and morbid lyrics are matched with the vivid imagary that makes you feel like you are nervously wondering round the back alleys of London in the middle of night.

‘Rolling on the wrong side’ mixes in some grungy sounds with the ska. This gives an extra dimension with some powerful and energetic sounds exerted.

‘Cruel love’ brings forth a slow, and placid yet tune that is equally cold and unnerving. The soft calm saxophone bringing in a stange kind of nervous energy.

The EP closes with the chaotic, rocking sounds of Animal City. Full of passion fueled riffs this ensures the EP closes with a massive energetic blast!

The EP also features “radio edits” of ‘Minimum wage’, ‘Trouble in London’, and ‘Rolling on the wrong side’ for those that like their politically challenging ska without the use of naughty words!

This is a great EP that paints a moving, and passionate soundscape. The band put forward various challenging issues which are displayed with full force courtesy of the dark yet vivid soundscape. If you loves the Specials and wished there were bands like that around now, then this EP is for you!

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