This is the latest release from Leeds’ five piece Follow The Lion. The three tracks show off a stoner/shoegaze style rock. Sadly, while the music is technically there, it lacks the feeling for it to be anything worth remembering.

‘Down by the river’ is your standard, almost stoner rock in the vein of Nickleback or Creed. The music has the big rock sound but it feels forced and emotionless. The vocals sound like they are attempting to sound like Jerry Cantrell but like just about everyone who’s tried, just don’t work out.
‘Candy and Gravity’ brings in the soft rock ballad sound. Once again the music is technically all there but lacks the energy and passion needed for it to really take flight. This time round the vocals sound bored and apathetic.

‘Low’ brings in some interesting shoegazer sounds that shows a sliver of promise from the band. They are about to create a deep atmospheric sound with a lot of distorted noise.

This EP shows the band have musical talent. However the music is far too safe and polished. As a result the music feels flat and forced. It’s as if the band are just playing the notes for the sake of it!