Soft Picasso is the new project from Ella Guru’s Nik Kavanagh, and Clare Jones of Barbieshop. This EP shows off a collection of very nice lo-fi sounds compunded with sweet vocal harmonies. The EP was apparently recorded in a bedroom somewhere in Liverpool. This works in the music’s favor as there is a very “bedroom” style feel with the music having a certain rough yet genuine feel, not compromised by over-production.

‘Blue-eyes boy’ is a soft and melancholic Brit-pop tune. The soft delivery creates a chilled out feel with a slight haze drafting over. There is a pleasant and endearing feel drifting over the song making for a very lovely listen. ‘For your own’ takes things to a much darker and menacing place sounding like the darker stages of Sons and Saughters. The slow and bare sounds create a chilling atmosphere that is further emphasised by the cold and echoing duel vocals.

‘Rebel pavement’ almost sounds like the morning after, and sounds like a slightly more upbeat version of The Smiths. The EP closes with the trip-hoppy electro pop sounds of ‘Wrong type of night’. A slight departure from its predecessors the song has a more lively, catchy feel with a heap of carefree charm about it!

This is a great EP full of songs that are charming with a touch of vulnerability and rawness about them. As a result this is a very nice lo-fi experience!

Check out Soft Picasso’s Twitter page to find out more!