Silber record’s 5in5 EP series is back!  The latest 5 minute EP comes from Gothic duo Heaven Falls Hard.  On Three Hundred Seconds, Heaven Falls Hard presents five pieces creating a cinematic soundtrack to the last five minutes of life. Their interpretation of the end seems to be one of dark yet calm drift off towards oblivion. There is no fast flashbacks, or a light at the end to go towards, rather it just ends. The three hundred second bleak journey of no return is full of atmosphere and vivid imagery that would act as a brilliant soundtrack to any movie involving death or any scary / horror scenes.

‘Death and decision’ starts in a dark but calm manner, with curious field recordings to make you feel like you are out in a swamp at dusk. ‘Less traveled’ takes over with a chilling keyboard sounding like the soundtrack to a movie just before something scary is about to happen and the intensity is building. Exposes brings in soft charismatic sounds, backed with spooky background sounds, feeling like you are in the middle of a cemetery. Triumph is a much livelier track with an energetic electronic Gothic sound. ‘Solace’ then closes things off with a slow but sure drift towards the end and finally fading away at its “death”.

This is quite a sensational EP. Over the 5 minutes all manner of imagery and atmosphere is explored with the sounds alone provoking though about what is to come at the end.

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