Sydney’s five-piece Burn Antares have taken their special brand of vintage rock to the next level with this their latest EP containing 5 electrifying tracks!

Similar to Stonefield, the band take elements of 60s and 70s rock, along with bits of country and roots produce a sound that has a vintage feel while also sounding fresh and exciting. Grace Farriss’s gutsy vocals are simply amazing. Effortlessly, she roars out powerful lines that like a match to oil, sets the whole music alight!

The EP opens with ‘Crystal love’, a bright and lively and catchy tune that mixes elements of 60s pop and country rock! The music is very charming and full on interesting sounds all working together in unision to create a great energetic soundscape. Grace Farriss’s rauncy vocals are full of passion and charisma allowing the song to further charge ahead!

‘Rich man’ is a rolling soft rock tune. The slow burning guitars bring out a vintage rock sound full of nostalgia. At the same time the band manage to bring their own feeling to the sound to make it their own.

‘Knight in shining’ is a bright and catchy offering. The music bounces about playfully and energeticly to create an infesctious dancable, sing-a-long tune.

‘Discord and the aminity’ is the EPs dark tune. With a Pink Floyd-esq psyceldelic ambient soundscape the song drags you through the dirty dark back alleys, slowly so you can experience every bit of grit. The song climaxed towards the end with a massive blasting psyceldelic space jam that will get your ears going crazy!

The EP closes with the country roots offering, ‘Vengablonde’. There is a stripped back feeling that creates a dark yet vivid atmosphere making you feel like you are wondering a country town in the middle of night. Grace Farriss’s strong echoing and slightly twangy voice leads the charge with a calm vibrabce!

Put simply, this EP is amazing! The band have taken the bits they like from the various elements of rock and made them into their very own sound. On top of this the band are both really enjoying themselves and putting in a lot of passion into the delivery which has translated into some extremely enjoyable sound that can be fun one moment, dark and moving the next but overall very trippy! This is music to get excited about!

Check out Burn Antare’s website to find out more!