This is the sixth EP from electro pop 6 piece the Pigeon Band. The band mix elements of electro pop, funk, hip hop into their sound to create some interesting and lively music. While the lead track isn’t much to write home about, it is followed by some great sounds!

‘Never be apart’ is a mix of shoegaze indie pop and more commercialised pop music. The mix doesn’t quite work with the track sounding almost like two different songs are playing at once, making for a rather awkward overall sound. The vocals feel forced and overly produced, further taking away any real emotion to the song.

‘No enemies’ has an eletro funk sound to it. There is an assortment of interesting electronic sounds backed by a solid and funcky bass sound. This time round the different sounds work well together to create something that is tight, groovy and offering something a little different.

‘You bring reaction’ has a certain Stevie Wonder sound to it. With a heap of energy and a tight, and slick delivery this works as a great tune to dance around to!

‘It’s you’ is something of a mixed bag with the music swaying from upbeat hip-hop to slower and deeper prog-rock sounds. The different elements work quite well at complementing each other and bringing out a fresh feel.

The EP closes with the piano driven ‘I sleep cos it’s easy.’ With all the electronic elements stripped back this shows the band show off a beautiful and heartbreaking tune that is raw and bare!

Overall this is quite a decent release with four great songs and one not so good one. Just skip track one and you’re onto a winner with lots of interesting sounds interweaved together to produce some beautiful sounds!

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