Old House Playground is a three piece contemporary blues/alt-rock band with roots in the songwriting culture of traditional Greek folk music. This is the band’s latest EP, full of dark atmosphere and chilling energy!


The EP opens with a dark but energetic knee slapping anthem in the form of ‘Polite Fiction’. The song has a feeling of a night time road trip through the desert. There is a great atmosphere as the song charges along with great roaring power. This is further enhanced with the a big rocking sing-a-long chorus. ‘Stardance’ is a smooth grooving tune with elements of country, blues, and rock melding together. The band put out a massive sound full of life while also having a subtle menacing feel to it.

‘All day today’ is the EP’s soft song. Taking on a slow and melancholic sound it presents a moving soundscape that is bleak but beautiful. The dark lyrics add further to the emotion of the song. The EP closes with the chaotic post-punk esq title track. Sounding like a more blusey version of the Birthday Party the song brings out a rough and gritty atmosphere that is both dark and powerfully energetic.

This is a brilliant EP full of amazing vivid soundscapes and great rocking energy!

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