You Am I’s Davey Lane has created a world first. In his latest double A-side single, featuring You Am I band mate Tim Rogers and King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard singer Stu Mackenzie, each track contains 3 completely different versions of the song. Listened to in stereo, you hear the collaborative efforts of Lane and his esteemed guests. But with the balance panned to the left, a solo Davey Lane version of the song is revealed, and in turn, panned to the right, you hear Rogers’ or Mackenzie’s, both in mono. Tomatrax caught up with Mr Lane to talk about this innovative project.

Where did you get the idea for working three versions of a song in one?

I guess in a way it was inspired by listening to to early ’60’s stereo records – at that point stereo was a novelty and they hadn’t quite figured out how to mix in stereo with any subtlety so they panned everything hard left and right, drums left, vocals right etc. Quite interesting to listen to but frustrating when one speaker cuts out! I guess it was just figuring out a way to make that early, crude form of stereo mixing an interactive experience.

Was it hard to make the “left” and “right” sides of the song work together to create one collaboration?

The most time consuming part was making sure everything synched up perfectly – every line of vocal, and every drum hit had to be (within reason) synched up as closely as possible otherwise it would be a complete mess to listen to in stereo.


Will the left and right versions be made available in their own right?

I’m thinking about making my own mixes, incorporating bits of both versions to put on my next record.

Are there any plans for duel videos to accompany either of the songs?

Not at this stage. Tim and Stu are both super busy guys, I’m grateful that they were gracious enough with their time to humour me with this little project of mine.

How did the collaboration with Stu Mackenzie come about?

Stu and I played in a band together for a while, and he became a bit of a mate. I’m a big fan of everything he does, he’s a clever dude, as are all those King Gizzard folks.

Where did you get the inspiration to have a sitar in ‘I’ll set U free’?

That was Stu – I like the juxtaposition between the two sides – punk on my side, hippy on his! Leather on the left, cheesecloth on the right…

Since announcing this release and it’s concept has anyone approached you to work on a potential volume 2?

I approached people as I was getting it all off the ground who have since become really popular – so I’m kinda reluctant to chase them up as I don’t wanna be seen to be riding on coat-tails of folks more popular or better looking than I – but I do have plans for another one and some folks in mind who are up for it.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you work with?

Todd Rundgren and Tim Heidecker.

You performed at King Gizzard’s Gizzfest with the Gravy Train Power Trio, how did this music project come about?

It’s basically my solo band without James Fleming, me keyboard maestro – he had to do another gig so I thought I’d make up another name to go with the trio configuration of the group.

Will there be any future releases from the Gravy Train Power Trio?

Maybe, and maybe I’ll keep that name, it suits my self-deprecating sensibility! I was kinda frustrated with how long it took to release my last record, and while I got some encouraging feedback on it the release was a bit blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. I think I’m gonna hammer out a quick record in a week and just slam it out there for anyone who wants it. I’ll be doing that pretty soon.

Last year you put out the single ‘Wake me up when Christmas ends’, what made you decide to put out an anti-Christmas tune?

People were surprised to see I had a nasty side with that song – it was pretty tongue in cheek, and borne from going to the local Westfield’s to do some Xmas shopping. I get pretty anxious and claustrophobic at the best of times and shopping at that time of year is hell! I’m sure most folks agree….

Your bio has said that the release is the first in a line of releases for 2015, what future releases do you have planned?

I’ve got so much music in the coffers, I just wanna get it out there. How I don’t know, maybe I’ll just give it away for anyone who wants it, but I’m keen on the idea of just putting out singles for now. I’m still on that never ending quest for the world’s biggest chorus….

Check out Davey Lane’s website to find out more!